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To get rid of the bouncy ball… 9 November 2011

Posted by golda972 in Linux.
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There is a reason why Linux is still not ready for non-techie home users.

Fedora 15 + KDE, added a bouncy ball widget. Set it to automatically bounce, just to see what happens.

Uh oh. There goes a bouncy red ball all over my desktop. No obvious way to remove it from the widgets menu. I would right-click on it… but it’s moving too fast!

Google being my friend, I punched in “kde plasma get rid of bouncing ball”.

Oh, glory!

A bug report for KDE on this very topic.

And I quote:

“——- Comment #2 From Salvo “LtWorf” Tomaselli 2010-05-04 07:16:14 ——-
Do you also have in mind some jedi technique to slow down the time so i can
delete a moving plasmoid?”

“——- Comment #7 From Bryan 2011-06-28 22:38:27 ——-
Had to do something like `konsole`, `kquitapp plasma-desktop`, `kate
~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc &` then edit the file, save and
finally run `plasma-desktop` from the konsole window, then run `plasma-desktop`
using the run dialog. [caution: order matters on this]”

(I used KWrite. The beautiful point is – Aunt Marge and her bridge club are *not* about to do this.)



1. Jeffrey Tratt - 31 May 2014

Thank you! That option should come with a warning!

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